candle wick makers since 1915
fabricantes de mechas para velas desde 1915
fabricants de blens per espelmes des de 1915

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About us

Josep Pi i Torras (1888-1959), the son of a spinners and cotton matchmakers family, founded our industry the first of June 1915 in Manresa.

From then on, our time has been entirely devoted to candle wick production. Because of the experience gained over the years and as a result of a constant modernisation process, we are pleased to present this web page to you in order to continue in the service of the wax industry throughout the world.

Suc. de J. Pi Torras S.A. | c/ Clapers, 11 08181 Sentmenat (Barcelona) Spain | [t] +34 937153280 [f] +34 937152082
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