candle wick makers since 1915
fabricantes de mechas para velas desde 1915
fabricants de blens per espelmes des de 1915
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The wicks

Cellulose wick: The best wick for long-lasting combustions in low melting point waxes. Allways prewaxed cutted or in spools.

Flat wick: Traditional cotton wick with a flat appearance made up by a textile with three carriers without carbuncles, and with a chemistry which allows a perfect inclination during combustion. Ideal for paraffines with a low oil component, estearines and its combinations.

Flat wick: Cotton wick, with a similar manufacture to the one of the T-series and with a flat appearance, made up by a textile with three carriers of much thinner threads and therefore with more capillarity, which allows a much more subtile measure cadence. Manufacture the order only.

Round wick: Cotton wick, square, made up two or three carbuncle and a textile coverage. Its chemistry allows the complete elimination of ashes. Ideal for waxes and for combination of waxes and paraffines with a medium or high viscosity.

Rayon: Rayon wick with a good stability during long combustions. Ideal for paraffines with a low melting point and a medium or low viscosity. Very interesting for long-lasting votive lamp, tea lights as well for scented candles. Extraordinary resistance to traction.

Flat wick: Cotton wick with a chemistry which allows a long-lasting combustion. Ideal for paraffines with variable components of oil and viscosity. Mainly used for tea-lights and votive lamps.

Wick of twisted cotton threads and without weaving, ideal for waxes and paraffines which are viscous, oily or little filtered.

Wick similar to the BQR but not twisted, it increases the absorption, but it looses stability.


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