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fabricantes de mechas para velas desde 1915
fabricants de blens per espelmes des de 1915
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The Wick Tester Kits

The wick tester kits are the best way to find the wick that really fits the candle you are producing. We have 7 different kits for 7 different candle types:

Votives and tea-lights
Selection of wicks made of rayon. They are very stable when used for long time burning. Suitable for paraffines with a low melting point and low viscosity. Wicks in this kit come prewaxed and fixed on sustainers.
Pillars, tapers, dipped and beeswax pillars
These 100% cotton wicks have been chemically processed in order to reach the best performance during burning time avoiding ashes and mushrooms formations.

If you want to receive those Wick Tester Kits, please contact us.

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